2008 Christian Education Committee

The 2008 Christian Education Committee meets once a month and the board is responsible for preparing an annual budget for education programs, recruit Sunday school teachers, supervise the youth director and Sunday school superintendents and the planning of church seminars. The top of it's priority is to work with the Sunday School Superintendents, Arpie Boynerian and Roberta Vanderkeyl, and improving on what we have now. The CE has created a sub-committee that is looking into the feasibility of employing a Youth Minister for the young people of the church. The CE plans on shortly coming to the Trustees, Council and the Congregation to discuss and vote on this very important issue. We will host seminars and plan any of the activities that will help educate the AMC members on Christianity in our everyday lives. The CE members are Marilyn Coughlin, Berj Manoushagian, Souren Maserejian, Anahid Salakian, Sevan Sarian, Steve Sabounjian, Steven Shamlian, Christine Mekjian. Please go up to anyone of them and tell us what you think we can do more for the Christian Education of the church.