General Christian Resources

  • 24-7 Prayer - World-wide prayer movement started by God through youth in England.

  • All Souls Church - Outstanding source of biblical sermons online.

  • Answers in Genesis - Upholding the Authority of the Bible from the Very First Verse.

  • Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in Nine Languages and Multiple Bible Versions

  • BibleNet - A comprehensive Christian resource page on the internet.

  • The Bible Society in Lebanon - Providing Scriptures in Lebanon since 1820.  Arabic and Armenian language Bibles online.

  • Biblical Studies Foundation, The - Bible Studies, References, The Bible on line, Illustrations

  • Catholic Encyclopedia

  • Christian Book Distributors - Quality Christian Products (books, music, software, and more) for over 20 years

  • Christian Link - you can give us all your favorite Christian sites for
    inclusion in our Christian directory.  Hundreds of Christian Links!

  • Christian Publishing Online - Laws Publishing - helpful and challenging articles.

  • Christian Quotation of the day - daily, thought-provoking, challenging, or inspiring quotation drawn from a very broad selection of Christian writers, accompanied by an indexed archive. 

  • Christians - Christians working together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who
    are not building any man-made denomination. 
  • Christnet - Preaching religious
    community. Sponsored by First Evangelical Church of Christ in association with World Evangelist Ministries. 

  • Churchlink - a platform for quality Christian resources, including Bible studies, leadership training materials, world reports and much more. 

  • ChurchNet - volunteers dedicated to using technology to distribute information about churches by offering congregations free web pages. 

  • Crosswalk - Resources and links for just about everything. 

  • Daily Prayer Prescription - a compilation of original Christian prayers intended for use as part of a daily devotional. 

  • Focus on the Family - With Dr. James Dobson - Tremendous Christian Resources for the family. 

  • Global Christian Network - GCN is updated with the latest news and information for the Christian community. Complete with a resource center, chat page, the ultimate Yellow pages and more. 

  • Gospel Communications Network - ( - A ministry of Gospel communications international - online Christian resources - great links.

  • Highway, The - solid evangelism, great resources, and Reformed Theology. 

  • Jesus Institute - Helping people of all cultural and spiritual backgrounds learn about the person of Jesus.

  • Jesus and the Intellectual - a perspective on the person Jesus Christ and His claim to be the Son of God. 

  • Mars Hill Media - Bringing the Gospel of God's grace to the public square.

  • Mountaintop, The - How is Jesus relevant to the Internet? How does Martin Luther King fit into this? Is there any hope? These questions and more addressed daily. 

  • Open Doors USA - Excellent website dedicated to the Persecuted Church.

  • Pedalling Preacher - Christianity and training for road cycling for heart rate monitor users,
    tips to design your own training program. 

  • Persecuted Church - Website dedicated to serving the Persecuted Church worldwide.

  • The Question of God - How each of us understands the meaning of life comes down to how we answer the question; Does God really exist?

  • Sacrament Forum, The - For the discussion among Christians of the doctrine and the practice of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. 

  • Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool - Online program that examines spiritual gifts in 22 categories. 

  • World Magazine - Weekly news magazine with a Christian worldview.

  • World Wide Study Bible - The study Bible developed and located around the world.