Kitchen Renovation

Armenian Memorial Church Kitchen Committee
32 Bigelow Avenue
Watertown, MA 02472

June 21, 2006

Dear Armenian Memorial Church Members

All of us want to thank you for your continued support in our kitchen renovation project.

The affirmative vote at the special Congregational meeting held on June 4th authorizing the kitchen committee to move forward with the renovation indicates that we, as a group, are strong and ready to undertake a major project.

It signifies a new beginning and something to celebrate. We thank God that he is giving us the fortitude to undergo a major renovation that will help to sustain the church both culturally and financially.

We, as a church, have much to do to continue to build a solid foundation. The kitchen renovation project will help us to come together in celebration of a new beginning and give us incentive for new initiatives to continue to grow our church family once we see this project through successfully.

Again, we, the members of the kitchen committee, want to thank you for your moral support which we will continue to seek as we see this project through. We will also ask each of you to help us meet the financial responsibility to achieve this long awaited goal for the church.

We look forward to sharing many delicious meals and great memories with you in our social hall that have been prepared in our new kitchen.


AMC Kitchen Committee

Chris Mekjian, Chair
Roberta VanDerkeyl
Jeffrey Bilizekian
George Boole
Aznive Nigoghosian
Eddie Shooshanian
Mike Santoian
Kathy Santoian
Ellen Dorian Jussila

Fundraising Subcommittee:
Carol Ishkanian
Haig Ohanian
Michelle Orchanian