Ladies Aid Society

Established in September of 1944 the Ladies Aid Society of the Armenian Memorial Church is the oldest standing organization in the church’s history. In the early years it’s 54 members dedicated themselves to helping the church spiritually and financially. They were the original organizers of the church fair and at the start they did all the work. They made the homemade pastries, along with cooking of all the lunches and dinners as well as all the serving that had to take place. After many years of undertaking this event it was then turned into the whole Church Fair.

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month. The Ladies Aid Society has a broad range of events at their monthly meetings. From speakers on different topics to garden lunches and fashion shows they have even established a Mother of the Year Award. Their biggest fund raiser of the year is still the annual Lenten dinner that always insures a full house in the Social Hall. Other money making activities include the bake sale of goods during the church year along with the selling of the Ladies Aid Society Cookbook. The cookbook is in its 5th printing and always is a favorite gift during the year.

The aim of the Ladies Aid Society is to serve and support the church both spiritually and financially and to always faithfully attend church. Even though they make their yearly pledge, whenever the church is in need of extra funds they know they can count on the Ladies Aid Society to always be there. Ladies of all ages are welcome to join them; you will grow and learn a great deal from them all.